DuplexPlay Cards

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DuplexPlay is the most advanced and easy to use TV media player. With DuplexPlay, you will enjoy your favorite media content on your TV, computer or Android system.

  • It fully supports the Arabic language.
  • Supports selecting audio tracks and subtitles embedded within the player and merging them through menus.
  • It saves a history of recent operations and resumes playback from the last saved mode when you open it again.
  • It is allowed to create more than one view on the same screen (playing more than one channel, movie or series on the same screen).
  • Allows creation and customization of favorite groups for quick access.
  • Supports the creation of folders or embedded groups in M3U playlists.
  • Quickly search for items in playlists.
  • Supports remote control of menus through the cloud
  • They do not move the key from one device to another when changing it

This product is not a piracy or playback channel, it is a player only. Please note that the new activation keys forDuplexPlay is not currently working in Egypt and Saudi Arabia Please contact us for updates regarding the ban or wait for the official announcement from the software company.



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DuplexPlay Cards
What will you get?:
  • Product Key for DuplexPlay for life.
  • Link to download an original copy of DuplexPlay with an explanation of the installation.
  • Technical support and continuous warranty from the Arab agent to install or help activate DuplexPlay.
supported systems:
  • Android device
  • A TVOS-based device such as LG, Samsung, Firestick
  • Windows 8.1 and above device.
Usage Policy:
  • do not By activating the DuplexPlay key on a virus-infected device.
  • do not By activating the DuplexPlay key on an unofficial version of the program.
  • do not Leave the DuplexPlay key and not use it for more than 7-30 days.
  • do not Sharing the DuplexPlay activation code with any other party.
  • When you need help with activation, do not resort to any third mediator Email us directly We will provide you with the right support via live chat We will support you either by using AnyDesk or TeamViewer Or we will guide you as much as possible to solve the problem on your own without resorting to a third party that may expose your privacy and key security to the risk of theft.

..We will always strive to satisfy you, but violating the above conditions will void the right to warranty..

DuplexPlay Cards

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All languages


Amazon Fire TV, LG WebOS, Android, Android TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV OS, Microsoft Windows

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Electronic Shipping


12 months, 6 months

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activation key

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DuplexPlay Cards

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

No, duplexplay is a media player. It does not and will not include any content of any kind

If you do not have a playlist, do not buy the application key because you will not benefit from it

Yes, the Arab agent provides a set of official subscriptions to channels from around the world. You need to contact us via live chat or communicate to know more

LG WebOS devices (all countries)

Samsung Tizen 2015 and above devices (all countries)

Android devices (all countries)

Android TVS devices (all countries)

Amazon Fire TV devices (all countries, APK version)

Windows PCs (all countries)

Xbox One (all countries)

DuplexPlay is a media player and does not include any content. Please follow these steps to add your playlists:

On the main screen, select “Add playlist”

The application will show instructions that include the following information:

Playlists management URL: edit.duplexplay.com

Device ID and device key to use to identify the TV

Please write the values as they will be used in the following steps

Open a browser on your computer and visit edit.duplexplay.com

Display device ID and device key in the corresponding fields

Click “Manage Playlists” to start managing playlists

Click on Add Playlist. A popup will open asking for playlist information

Fill in the information and click Save

Back again to your TV. On the main screen press the Blue key to refresh the playlists


The problem may occur due to many reasons, please check it:

Make sure to enter the URL

Make sure you have an internet connection. It is better to restart your device and your router to avoid any network issue

Make sure your playlist status is valid

Please note: duplexplay is a media player software and does not include playlists and we do not sell playlists

For playlist issues you need to contact your playlist service provider.

Mostly, it is a problem of audio/video codecs. Please note: Some TVs do not support all audio/video codecs needed to play all streams.