Hushed a US phone number for life

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Get an American phone number for life with an exclusive discount and for life for one of the most powerful telecommunications companies that provide a VOIP phone number used for remote control to authenticate accounts and complete security procedures that need an American phone number. With Hushed, the Arab agent offers you a discount for life to get a phone number that works on all social media.

  • Get a second number and keep it safe for life
  • The most secure and confidential way to call and send messages to a second hidden line
  • Choose your appropriate number according to your request for America and Canada
  • 500 SMS per month free of charge, subject to expansion
  • +80 free calling minutes per month and can be increased

This product is not a mobile SIM but an application that you download and get an American, Canadian or British number that works for life and belongs to you. This number cannot be replaced with the SIM of your country. Buy this product only if you know how to use it. No numbers or codes can be retrieved. Packaged after purchase

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Hushed a US phone number for life
$24.99 $238.00

What will you get?:

  • Product Key for Hushed for life.
  • Link to download a raw version of Hushed with an explanation of the installation.

Features details:

  • Protect your privacy: Get a second number with Hushed - perfect for any situation when you need to give out a phone number to use for calling and texting. Keep your real number safe and completely separate.
  • Voice communication: Make and receive calls with Hushed just like any regular phone number! There is no interaction with your cell number, so your calls will be completely anonymous and will not appear in your phone records or your carrier bill.
  • text communication: Send and receive texts, gifs, images, and voice messages. Keep conversations safe and private - the way they should be! Delete messages at any time to leave no trace
  • voice mail: Can't answer your calls right away? Record and assign unique voicemail greetings to each of your Hushed numbers!
  • Divert calls: Set up a call forwarding number to forward your incoming calls on Hushed to any other phone number of your choice! Answer your calls anywhere, anytime.
  • local connection: Make calls using voice minutes from your wireless plan instead of just a WiFi/data connection. Get the same great call quality in areas with weak WiFi / data coverage!
  • Auto answer: Automatically reply to any text message sent to your Hushed number. Set rules and responses for every situation!
  • Multiple devices: Did you forget your device at home? No problem! Use your Hushed numbers on any mobile device simply by logging into your account. Even turn your tablet into a phone! (WiFi/Data connection is required).
  • Third Party Applications: Send and reply to SMS messages directly through Slack. Save voicemails, SMS history and picture messages directly to an account Dropbox Your account (Soon Telegram will be linked with HHD so that you can receive your text messages directly through your Telegram account).

Operation Requirements:

  • Mobile device with Android or iPhone (IOS)
  • stable internet access
  • Dropbox or Slack account (optional)

Usage Policy:

  • do not By activating the Hushed switch on a virus-infected device.
  • do not Activate the Hushed key on an unofficial version of the program.
  • do not Leave the Hushed key and not use it for more than 7-30 days.
  • do not Share your Hushed activation code with any other party.
  • When you need help with activation, do not resort to any third mediator Email us directly We will provide you with the right support via live chat We will support and guide you as much as possible to solve the problem on your own without resorting to a third party that may expose your privacy and product security to the risk of theft.

..We will always strive to satisfy you, but violating the above conditions will void the right to warranty..

Hushed a US phone number for life
$24.99 $238.00

Additional information



Product Type

private key


Android, iPhone, SaaS Cloud

Type of license



80 minutes per month


500 messages per month

Line validity


number of digits

1 US number

number of devices

no limits


the whole world

Hushed a US phone number for life
$24.99 $238.00

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Hushed a US phone number for life
$24.99 $238.00

Questions and answers about Hushed

Kindly review the most frequently asked questions and answers before attempting to purchase, as all purchases are final regarding this product.

Yes, this plan comes with a phone number for life, but beware, my dear brother, according to the laws of American and Canadian telecommunications companies. If you do not use your phone number for a period of 6 months, the line will be automatically disabled, so you must send and receive at least a message or call every 6 months. Otherwise, you will lose the phone number and you will not you can get it back

Yes, when you do not use your phone number, it will be replaced by another automatically.

Yes, it is possible, but there is no guarantee that the number you choose will be active on all social media. It is possible that the person who owned the phone number before you had used the number to create an account that violated the standards and the number was blocked here. You need to contact the concerned companies to prove that you are the owner of the new line and the ban must be removed.

Contact us, we will try to guide you on the latest new key numbers, which are likely to be 100% intact and do not contain any bans. We can also provide you with a guarantee that the number is effective on one of the programs, for example, WhatsApp

Yes, we can help you choose a number that works on WhatsApp with ease. All you have to do is contact us before activating the key

You can't, if you start to buy 2 keys and fill them up with one account, you will get additional minutes and messages only on the same number. You can create another account to get another number or buy at the official price from within the application

Hushed a US phone number for life
$24.99 $238.00

Complete Privacy Package