Office 365 Pro Plus Account

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Microsoft Office 365 The cheapest online subscription to activate your Office program without any malicious hacking software.

  • Through this subscription, I get the activation of 5 offline computers with all the official Office 365 version programs, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Forms offline and online.
  • With this subscription, you will get 5 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive
  • Use all Office 365 plan programs online across 15 devices
  • Get a copy of Minecraft, the joke edition
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Office 365 Pro Plus Account
$5.95 $126.03

What will you get?:

  • A ready account (Unused Account) for a portfolio of Office 365 programs for a full year.
  • Link to download a raw copy of Office 365 with an explanation of the installation.
  • Technical support and continuous warranty by the Arab agent to install or help activate Office 365.

Features details:

  • co-authoringView changes and collaborate online, once you've finished content, and can share in real time in Word, just save the file to OneDrive or SharePoint, so that it can be shared with other devices linked to the account directly from the app, via the built-in sidebar .
  • Chat via office appsMicrosoft teams integrations, within the Microsoft 365, Office 365 application, can be used to conduct chats, share the screen, and can also video chat with friends, and this application does not need to leave another application to chat through it, but you can also conduct conversations after closing The application, via Teams, located on the desktop, and the phone.
  • Include links to stored files instead of sending an entire file: Upload the file to send to office, Microsoft cloud storage, use Outlook email, type the link on your cloud, instead of attaching a file and Outlook will give permission to send to people emailed.
  • The mouse can be used as a laser pointer in presentations in a program PowerPoint: Use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl + p” to turn the mouse into a laser pointer during PowerPoint presentations. Presenter mode can also be used, which has been a feature for several years in PowerPoint, and has recently been integrated to suit modern and touch devices. By pressing your finger on the device screen, the fake laser mark appears in red.
  • Convert data into a map: power map is part of the data visualization features in Excel, and its performance has been improved with power BI
    It is a way to analyze, visualize and share data. You can simply transform the data into an interactive map using a power map. It also includes the ability to filter the data by using three operators: list, range, or advanced.
  • Ease of converting to PDFThe built-in direct save as PDF feature has been added, and it can also be converted to a Word document, while preserving all formatting, whether copying, pasting or editing.
  • Resume reading word documents at breakpointThe new update made it possible to resume reading a document in word, in terms of the breakpoint, so that word makes a bookmark at the last page you left off.
    Storage space up to 5000 GB: User gets up to 5000 GB of storage for email, calendar, notes, contacts and cloud storage, and you can save more space by using OneDrive cloud storage.

Operation Requirements:

  • Internet access
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 1.6 GHz processor and 2 core processor
  • 4 GB RAM for the 64-bit version and 2 GB for the 86-bit version
  • 4 GB hard disk storage space
  • Screen with the pretext or dimensions of 1280 by 768

Usage Policy:

  • do not Activate the Office 365 product on a virus-infected device.
  • do not Activate the Office 365 product on an unofficial version of the program.
  • do not Leave the Office 365 product and not use it for more than 7-30 days.
  • do not Sharing the Office 365 product with any third party.
  • When you need help with activation, do not resort to any third mediator Email us directly We will provide you with the right support via live chat We will support you either by using AnyDesk or TeamViewer Or we will guide you as much as possible to solve the problem on your own without resorting to a third party that may expose your privacy and key security to the risk of theft.

..We will always strive to satisfy you, but violating the above conditions will void the right to warranty..

Office 365 Pro Plus Account
$5.95 $126.03

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Office 365 Pro Plus Account
$5.95 $126.03

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Office 365

Kindly review the most frequently asked questions and answers before attempting to purchase, as all purchases are final regarding this product.

No, this product is a ready-made account targeting the academic sector. It comes with an email that is valid for activation only with a password that is used for activation for the first time only.

Yes, after the end of your subscription, you can contact us in order to renew the subscription, bearing in mind that we will not cancel your account for a period as a period to pay the renewal amount, after which the subscription will be canceled

Yes, this is what we recommend using your own account after making sure that the Office programs have been activated with the ready account that you purchased, here you will guarantee 100% that you have obtained an official activation with complete privacy for you and your data. You can switch accounts after activation with ease, the first account to activate the copies officially, and the second account is yours to manage data in the cloud

Yes, in this package, you have the right to activate 5 offline devices, and you can also have full control over the activations and transfer the activation to another device an unlimited number of times through your account control panel below the download button

After creating an order and confirming the payment, you will receive your subscription with a direct download link, or you can simply login to your account after activating it and download the update tool or download for office.

There is no need for that, you just need to install the download tool from within your account and the tool will update the important files for your copy and convert them to 365 with the latest version compatible with your device.

You can activate, but it is not very recommended, when you want to convert to official copies, you decide to get rid of all malware, crack and piracy, and to avoid this, it is recommended to get rid of the crack either by learning how to delete it completely, or to install the system again on a clean copy and then download it Officially from within your account. You can get a copy of Windows from the Arab agent at an almost free price compared to the original price.

original system